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Homeowners Insurance

From historically significant architecture to rare and unusual building materials, custom-made finishes and exquisitely forged ornaments, these elements require valuation methods that recognize their true value.

Commercial Transportation insurance

   The Miami transportation industry has relied for a long time on our professional advice to obtain the latest and most innovative solutions for insurance and risk management. We help them to stay firmly on the road with integral products that respond to both their needs and the demands of their business.

Profesional Liability

When these professionals provide services or offer advice that results in the loss or damage of someone, a professional liability policy of Advance Insurance Consultants Inc, may be the only thing that stands between professional and professional ruin.

Comprehensive housing insurance.

Owning a home is a great achievement, but any owner will tell you that there are also many responsibilities. Home insurance can mitigate many of the risks, but not all policies are created equally. It is imperative to find coverage that protects the most important.

Our owner's insurance coverage includes elective protections for any number of events, including flood, vandalism, theft or fire. If you want to keep your home and family safe, our policies can give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Trust us to ensure that your home is not damaged.

Life insurance with our company.

  • Investing in life insurance is a mature and wise decision. If you have never considered it before, you can be persuaded by some of the benefits it can offer. Advance Insurance Consult, offers clients in Miami a number of policy options, including the search for one that can surely meet their needs.Discussing these options with an agent can help you better understand which one is best for your situation. A broker will partner with you to find the correct policy with the correct terms and premium. Our company is committed to providing customers with reliable insurance. You can trust the coverage we offer when it comes to protecting your family, your finances and your future.

Insurance for cars and business vehicles.

Nos aseguramos de que su póliza cumpla con sus necesidades

Workers' compensation insurance.

In the event that a worker is injured on the job and unable to work, workers' compensation insurance will provide medical benefits and replacement of wages until the worker can summarize their duties.

We are committed to taking advantage of risk reduction techniques to keep your workers and your wallet healthy.

Commercial Property

Everything is designed to adapt to your changing circumstances.

In the case of a covered loss, it is protected by the property that your company rents or owns directly, including: equipment, computers, telephones, furniture, accessories or other property that you have on the site

 If your policy expires soon, now is the perfect time to take a good look and see if you are getting the right coverage at the right price.

Isurance for cars and business vehicles .

If your business involves driving, you already know that commercial automobile insurance is a must. Advance Insurance Consult Inc, offers commercial car insurance in Miami to protect you from any automotive liability that your company may face. Whether you operate a single vehicle or manage a complete fleet, our company can help keep your business safe and minimize risks.

Commercial property coverage

Commercial property insurance is a great option to address the risks inherent in doing business in a leased building or property. Some of the items you can protect include:

Accounts receivable


Important documents

Threats such as fire or theft can cause damage or loss of these items, but a policy can help your company recover in that case.


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